Your Membership Website Script
Automated Membership Site Script

PHP Script to run a Membership Site

System Requirements: PHP / MySQL

Features: Fully Automated - All you have to do is setup the initial settings then the site pretty much runs itself. As besides answering an email question here and there, the script will pretty much do everything else for you automatically.

Web Design Template Ready - Your website will look exactly the way you want to by simply applying any current (or newly created) web design template following the step by step directions on the admin area handbook we provide you with..

Comes With Instructions and Manual - You get an extensive administrative area manual and installation instructions which will guide you step by step to your own membership website.

Automated Backend Sales - With the built in One-Time-Offer System which lets you add a different One-Time-Offer for each and every membership type you offer on your website. And you can choose to have the OTO enabled in some membership types and have it disabled on others at your will thru the administrative area.

Offer Free and/or Paid Membership Types - You can offer an unlimited amount of membership types at your website; and each of them will have their own downloads, links, pages, etc Secured Downloads System - The Downloads System stores the files on a folder that is not accessible by anyone without your FTP access information, not thru HTTP or anything else.

Can be Used with WordPress, Blogs and Forums - That's right you can use this script even if you have a blog, a forum, or both that you want to charge to have access to.

Have Your Own Network of Affiliates Marketing
Your Site You won't be alone when getting the word out about your membership site; by sharing a percentage of the profits thru the built-in affiliates system you can have a huge network of people advertising your website for you.

Run an Unlimited Amount of Mailing Lists

The script comes ready for you to run an unlimited amount of mailing lists; and you can have as many different autoresponses setup for each specific list. The responses can be setup to go out at a specific time intervals so the information gets delivered the way you want it and at the time you want it.

Build In Template Editor
- Adding As Many Pages You Want Is Super Easy With the built in What You See Is What You Get web page editor you will be able to add as many internal pages (or external links) to all the areas of your website as you want to. The pages for inside the members area can be assiged to only 1 (or more) membership types giving you the option to sell a ton of different products under the same website.
System Requirements: - PHP Version 4.2 or later
- Apache Web Server 1.3 or later
- MySQL Database 2.23.32 or later

Login to the Admin Area - Click Here
Login: demo

Login to the Member Area - Click Here
Login: demo / demo

Login to the Affiliate Area - Click Here
Login: demo / demo


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